Akkermans & Partners Group

About us

Al Since 1982, Akkermans & Partners has been a dynamic family business where actions speak louder than words. Day in and day out, we provide international expertise to our clients in the financial industry and deliver what they expect from us. Innovative and progressive.

Akkermans & Partners Group

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Kingshoeven 63
5018 AA Tilburg


Shallows Street 5
2000 Antwerp


Königsallee 60F
40212 Düsseldorf
Akkermans & Partners Group

What we stand for

Renowned partner

With over 41 years of experience, Akkermans & Partners is a renowned partner for service providers in the financial industry.

International ambitions

As an international company, we serve our customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany every day. Our expertise guarantees your success.

Our specializations

We operate broadly in the financial industry, but specialize in insurance, banking & investment, accounting and retirement.

Our target groups

We work daily with clients such as insurance advisors, financial planners, insurers, banks, accountants and tax professionals.

We always do more

We know and surprise our customers. We always do more than what he or she expects and build a wonderful partnership.

We continuously innovate

We initiate, research and develop. We are open to new experiences and continuously innovate our services.

We are professional

We are above matter. We are knowledgeable, skillful, tactical, strategic. And always think in the interest of the customer.

We are distinctive

All men use the same words … It is actions that distinguish them (Molière, French philosopher). And that is exactly what we do, differentiate ourselves.

We are sustainable

Personal well-being and nature are important to us. Therefore, sustainability is high on our list of priorities. For you, nature and ourselves.